Optimizing NIRS Performance

Calibrations are available for multiple forage products, under multiple instrument types.

Calibrations Available

Legume Hay

Legume Hay calibration includes multiple legume species.

Mixed Hay

Mixed Hay calibration includes legumes and grasses of multiple types.

Grass Hay

Grass Hay calibration includes warm-season and cool-season as well as annual and perennial grasses.

Mixed Haylage

Mixed Haylage calibration includes numerous mixes of legumes, grasses, and annual species.

Unfermented Corn Silage

Unfermented Corn Silage calibration consists of fresh cut corn forage and grain, not having gone through the fermentation process.

Fermented Corn Silage

Fermented Corn Silage includes multiple varieties of corn forage and grain, at various levels of fermentation.

Alfalfa Breeders

The Alfalfa Breeder calibration has been developed by a research group within the consortium, specializing in the genetics of alfalfa.

All regular calibrations are available to consortium members, included with the annual fee. Alfalfa Breeders is a separate group and that calibration is separate. For more information go to the Become a Member page.


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